How it works

Booking your reservation

Use the reservation date selector to set your desired date and time duration. We currently offer rentals on a daily basis. Once you've selected the date and time for your rental, you will be able to browse our rentals and book all the equipment you will need for your specific needs. We offer bike, helmet, and locks for rent.

Once you selected your equipment to rent you will be able to complete the booking process and pay for your reservation online. We do require all reservations to be paid in advance. We may able to accommodate custom arrangements. Please call 541-347-1995 for further assistance with your reservation. 

Please refer to our refund and cancellation policy below before completing your reservation. 


What to bring

We encourage you to bring you own helmet, pedals and other support gear you already own. Our rental bikes include a basic flat repair kit, multi-tool, water bottle cage, and flat pedals. We are happy to install your own pedals if you'd like. 

Make sure to bring your own suitable riding shorts, jersey, shoes, gloves, eye protection, and helmet. We do have these items for purchase in the shop if you forget anything.


Picking up bikes and equipment

When you arrive at the shop we will have your equipment ready to go and can assist in fitting helmets and installing the rack if you've rented those items. Before loading up we will go over safe operation of the equipment and then signing our rental liability waiver/rental terms. Please allow 10-30 minutes to get you on your way.

Once completed you can load up and get ready for some fun!

If you are renting our fat bikes for beach riding you can ride from the shop 1 mile to the beach or safely transport the bikes to another starting point.

Please note, we do not allow bikes to packed in vehicles, stacked in truck beds, or transported on "hang" style racks. Contact us to see if we can make special arrangements for you.


Returning bikes and equipment

Upon return to the shop we will check-in the rented equipment and refund the security deposit if applied.

Please report any damage or equipment issues at this time. We require payment for any equipment damage or loss at retail value. 

We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you again!


Cancellations and Refunds

All rental bike reservations are paid in full at the time of the reservation. 

Reservations are refundable for full amount if canceled 7 days or more before the reservation date.

If a reservation is canceled less than 7 days before the starting reservation date, we will refund 50% of the reservation amount.  

If you are unsure of your reservation dates, please confirm them before placing your reservation.  We will gladly move dates if needed, as long as availability allows. Call 541-347-1995 if you need assistance.

We are aware that our refund policy seems rigid.  This is due to the extreme seasonality of our business.  The 7 day cancelation policy gives us a fighting chance to rent our bike for key weekends.  Thank you for understanding.


Security Deposits and Terms

Online bookings will be asked to agree to our waiver and terms before completing your reservation during the checkout process. Upon arrival at the shop we will need you to sign our digital copy that will be emailed to you for your reference.

We may charge a refundable agreed security deposit for special situations to be charged at pick-up. We will authorize your card for the agreed deposit amount then cancel the authorization upon your return. This avoids an actual charge unless damage occurs. Please call 541-347-1995 if you have any questions.

We appreciate you understanding this part of the process.


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